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Avoid Recurring Business Interruption Costs and the Damage to your Brand

Prevent up to 50% or more future incidents. Adaptive learning and the unsupervised nature of the AI allows the system to become even more accurate over time.

Alert end users hours or days before a predicted incident and provide recommendations for corrective actions.

Easily take recommended actions that targets the root cause of an incident.

A.I. That Is More Than a Buzzword

Patented unsupervised multivariate neural network technology that is the only proven practical machine learning technology for autonomous IT operations – AIOps.

AI (unsupervised ML) will predict incidents without labeled training data or any required configurations or model setting.

The adaptive learning, unsupervised nature of our AI, allows the system to become even more accurate over time.

Identify and Predict System Bottlenecks

By analyzing dynamic resource demand in fine-grained detail, InsightFinder provides insightful guidance on how to properly allocate resources to different applications.

Causal graphs provide you with views into the relationships between anomalies. This data-informed focus leads you directly to the most probable cause(s) for an incident or failure.

Extract the most important diagnostic information in real-time.

Automated Self Healing

Our Incident Prediction Page clearly identifies causality and provides recommendations on how to get ahead of future incidents.

Incident Prediction Email, SMS, and Slack Alerts allow you to initiate remediation and automate incident workflows based on your current runbooks.

Outbound webhooks send platform data into other systems, allowing for custom dashboarding, external ticketing, and automated syncs to your systems.

Key Results

Reduction in outages

“We learned the hard way that a threshold-based alert system is not sufficient for preventing outages. With InsightFinder, we now have the capability to see predicted incidents and take preventative measures to prevent them from happening. We are seeing substantial improvements in our service availability and uptime.”

Sr. IT Systems Operations Manager
Fortune 500 Cloud Services Company