Log Projects – Log Analysis

For a Log project, the analysis results are shown in Analysis > Log Analysis. 

Begin by selecting the Project, your date/time range, and click Refresh.  

InsightFinder can analyze any log data without the knowledge of the format by analyzing both the timestamp and the text content. Though the Unsupervised Machine Learning Neural Network, InsightFinder can automatically cluster the log messages and detect the anomalous events in those log messages in real time.  This clustering allows InsightFinder to detect anomalies such as rare log information (rare events) and large fluctuation of log occurrence frequency (hot/cold events).

In addition, Log analysis also supports customization. In the Project setting, users can set the keyword whitelist and blacklist. If user knows the log format, user can also input the format to improve the analysis result.

When using the Log Analysis page your initially presented with a calendar view. The top pane is a month-to-month bar chart that shows the amount of received logs per month.  You can quickly get an understanding of the number of logs and details such as rare, hot, cold, critical, whitelist, and incident events.

By selecting a month, the bottom pane will present you with the day-to-day log count.  Selecting an individual day will allow you to view, analyze, and search through the raw log data from that day.

This view will separate the logs into two categories: Anomalous log entries and All log entries.  In either group, you can further break the received log data down by hour, log contents, counts, and patterns.