LLM Operation Copilot

InsightFinder delivers an AI-engine that performs comprehensive analysis of raw data logs, metrics, traces to detect anomalies, provide incident predictions, and produce root-cause analysis. The AI platform enables productivity across DevOps, ITOPs and SRE teams by reducing noise, early detection of problems, and localizing the root-cause of the incidents. 

End-users can now interact with InsightFinder’s newly launched specialized LLM operation copilot. Now incident responders can enjoy a human readable version of the root-cause analysis as well as recommended actions to remediate the technical issues. Users can review the summation of LLM Recommendations for Incident Investigation and Incident Prediction. 

You can go to the pages with the listed incidents / predictions and click on the robot icon. InsightFinder will first extract the information from the root-cause results and incident data, then generate a summary of the RCA along with recommendations, and lastly transpose the findings into the LLM recommendation chat box.

Users can edit and provide feedback to the InsightFinder LLM engine and receive continuously improved results from our automatically fine-tuned model.