On Premise Deployment

Contact your organization’s InsightFinder administrator(s) for help with locating the application URL and getting access.  

InsightFinder Administrators should refer to the following InsightFinder Installation Guides for steps necessary to access your application for the first time and configuring the email server to ensure new user email addresses can be validated.  

Account registration:

Step 1 – Go to: https://app.insightfinder.com and click on “Register.”

Step 2 – Register your email and click through the online Ts and Cs. 

Step 3 – You will receive a welcome email entitled “Your InsightFinder account is ready to create” and will be instructed to click on a link to create your account.

Step 4 – Fill out the online registration form.

And you’re all set!
Note:  Usernames and email addresses must be unique and cannot be changed. The email address will be used to validate your account and for notifying you of important Insights from InsightFinder.