Metric Events – Overall Line Chart

From the Anomaly Event List page you can click “Overall Line Chart” to open a time series graph for all instances and metric in this project during the given time. This list can be modified from the top banner by selecting or deselecting Metrics and/or Instances.  To see the detected baseline for the metrics, click the switch icon () under the Tools.  The dark blue range is the baseline, and the aqua colored fill is the predicted range. The data can be exported by clicking the download icon ().

In a time series graph, a bold red highlight of the line chart means that the results were anomalous.  An orange square on the line chart denotes a ____.  Clicking on the icon will provide additional details.  A red square on the line chart denotes an Incident.  Clicking on the icon will provide additional details.  

Click and dragging on any line chart will allow you to focus in on that area.  Running your curser along the chart will allow you to see the raw data points for that given time.  Click Reload to get back to the default zoom level that matches your original date and time.  

In the line chart, the left part list all the instances and metrics of the project. Anomaly instances and metrics are marked with red color. The events are also displayed in the right side as a rect dot, mouseover it will show info of the event, click the dot will show more details of events. To show line charts for normal instances and metrics, select them on the left panel, and click Load button.