Agent Type

Agent Type is the name of several special types of agents developed for common systems or applications. By deploying InsightAgents, users can collect data in these systems or applications. In addition, these InsightAgents can collect rich metadata to better support the InsightFinder system.  

InsightFinder supports real-time streaming of data and historical data processing. InsightFinder is a distributed system, so when the amount of data is increased, the system can improve the real-time performance of the data processing by extending the server for data processing horizontally. When the server of System Worker is deployed or the deployment is finished, it can be set to deal with certain types of data only such as Log. By distributed system or different roles of server, users can adjust the system resources for data processing flexibly. The system has only one data interface, which can efficiently support streaming data. For historical data, the system provides a tool to convert historical data into streaming data. By customizing different data parsers, different types of historical data can be imported into the system. The way that system processes historical data is the same with the real-time data core algorithm, but there are some minor differences. Hence, users need to choose “Metric File Replay” or “Log File Replay” when creating the project.