Reduce production incidents by more than 50%

IT organizations are challenged with keeping applications and infrastructure environments running with zero downtime. However, the ever-growing amount of data

Predictive anomaly detection helps finance improve trading system performance

In the fast-paced world of finance, it’s crucial for institutions to stay ahead of potential problems, ensuring a seamless experience

Source Digital understands the importance of keeping customers up and running. That’s why they’ve implemented best in class monitoring and

Since using InsightFinder, Apprendis has achieved operational excellence. InsightFinder ingests more than a million Inq-ITS metrics and logs daily.
A major customer-facing service from a cloud monitoring company was down for three days.
A global query service from a web search company experienced a major service outage.
Software reliability engineers (SREs) from a major search engine company were paged at midnight.
A major credit card company’s mobile payment service experienced severe performance degradation on a Friday afternoon.
We worked closely with a large financial firm to create an environment that can display the strength of the InsightFinder