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Automatic anomaly detection and root cause analysis without human supervision using cutting-edge unsupervised machine learning techniques.


Continuously learn and capture dynamic system behaviors  24×7 using breakthrough stream-based unsupervised learning technologies.


Produce real-time advance anomaly alerts with unparalleled accuracy before serious service outages or SLO violations using innovative multivariate anomaly detection techniques.


Monitor various systems (e.g., Amazon AWS, Google Clouds, Dockers,  Kubernetes, OpenStack, Private Clouds) at one spot.

Our company

At InsightFinder, we provide smart monitoring and predictive analytics services based on cutting-edge unsupervised machine learning technologies. Our products help customers save money and enhance competitiveness by preventing service downtime and resource over-provisioning. Our solution also makes performance debugging in production environments easy and practical without requiring any customer code modification or instrumentation. As an example, one of our patent-pending unsupervised anomaly detection algorithms has been licensed by Google. We are located in both New York City and Downtown Raleigh, North Carolina. Our team includes world renowned computer scientists and experienced software developers. We are currently supported by highly competitive National Science Foundation Small Business Innovation and Research (NSF SBIR) award, North Carolina One Small Business Grant, and a group of outstanding investors.