InsightFinder $10M Series A Empowers IT With Incident Prevention

AI-Driven Predictive Observability Platform

InsightFinder Unified Intelligence Engine (UIE) provides AI-driven predictive observability platform for pinpointing incident root causes, predicting and preventing production incidents. Powered by patented self-tuning unsupervised machine learning, InsightFinder continuously learns from raw logs, metrics, and application performance traces to localize root causes and predict incidents from the source. Companies of all sizes have embraced the platform and seen business-impacting incidents can be predicted hours ahead with clearly pinpointed root causes.

Trusted by companies of all sizes

Incident Prediction

Preventing Downtime: InsightFinder Incident Prediction engine identifies patterns that lead to business impacting incidents and leverage these patterns to alert IT operation teams before the business is affected.

Incident Investigation

Reducing MTTR to Minutes: InsightFinder Root Cause Analysis engine dramtically shortens mean time to resolution (MTTR) from hours/days to minutes by extracting the most important diagnostic information to pinpoint the issue that is impacting your systems.

Predictive Automation

Automating Level 1 support: InsightFinder predictive automation engine triggers proper repair actions such as instance restart, auto-scaling and migrations by identifying performance bottlenecks and anomalies in real time to scale up resources when needed and scale down resources when workload comes down.

Insights Dashboard

Survey a comprehensive overview of your IT Ops ecosystem, including anomaly patterns, resource utilization issues, and cloud cost trends. Also view calculations that demonstrate overall cloud cost savings, number of anomalies and incidents detected, and number of incidents predicted and average lead time achieved by the prediction engine.

Take InsightFinder for a no-obligation test drive with our Outage Analyzer. We’ll provide you with a detailed report on your outages to uncover what could have been prevented.

The Path to Zero Downtime

Unify Your View

Make it easy to ingest log, metric, log and data from your entire IT stack. Observe the health of your systems in real-time with one central view across all services, applications and infrastructure.

Self-learning Anomaly Detection

Focus your attention quickly on the true anomalies that is impacting your systems and filter out many false alarm alert noises using our patented multi-variate unsupervised machine learning technologies.

Pinpoint Root Causes

Discover unknown dependencies using a causal graph and insight queries. Hone in on the highest probable causes and suggested remediation actions.

Deploy Self-Healing Capabilities

Automate your incident response process, increasing system uptime and allowing you to assign your staff to higher-value activities.

Predict and Prevent Future Incidents

Identify patterns that have led to business impacting incidents and leverage these patterns to alert IT operations teams before costly service interruptions.

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“InsightFinder detected a potential issue in one of our LDAP servers that would have led to a customer-facing service interruption. We were given everything that we needed to prevent the issue with 24 hours of lead time, avoiding much wasted effort, and most importantly, allowing us to maintain our service availability.”
— IT Operations Manager, Top 5 Bank
“The Inq-ITS community has grown 800% in 2020 to help students and teachers learn science together outside of the classroom. To focus our time on innovation, we needed a way to support our infrastructure without hiring a large DevOps team. InsightFinder was the answer.”
Michael Sao Pedro, Apprendis CTO

93% reduction in redundant alerts

“Finally, a solution that just works!”
— IT Director, China Mobile
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