Proactive AI for IT Efficiency

DevOps, IT operations, and SRE teams rely on the InsightFinder AI Engine to compress logs, detect problems, identify root causes, and prevent incidents for 10x efficiency improvement. 

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Incident Investigation

Automatically analyze incidents, metrics, logs, traces in real-time to shorten mean time to resolution (MTTR) to minutes.

Incident Prediction

Automatically learn predictive causal chains to predict incidents before they impact customers.

Proactive Automation

Leverage predictions to trigger actions such as auto-scaling in Kubernetes to achieve proactive self-healing and cost saving.

Insights Dashboard

Why Fortune 500 companies choose InsightFinder

Major incidents predicted
Downtime cost avoided
$0 Million +
Diagnostic hours saved
Data storage cost saved

The Path toZeroDowntime

Unify your view

Make it easy to ingest log, metric, log and data from your entire IT stack. Observe the health of your systems in real-time with one central view across all services, applications and infrastructure.

Self-learning anomaly detection

Focus your attention quickly on the true anomalies that is impacting your systems and filter out many false alarm alert noises using our patented multi-variate unsupervised machine learning technologies.

Pinpoint root causes

Discover unknown dependencies using a causal graph and insight queries. Hone in on the highest probable causes and suggested remediation actions.

Deploy Self-Healing Capabilities

Automate your incident response process, increasing system uptime and allowing you to assign your staff to higher-value activities.

Predict and Prevent Future Incidents

Identify patterns that have led to business impacting incidents and leverage these patterns to alert IT operations teams before costly service interruptions.

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