Since using InsightFinder, Apprendis has achieved operational excellence. InsightFinder ingests more than a million Inq-ITS metrics and logs daily.


As the global pandemic forced students around the world to shift to distance learning, edtech, or educational technology, has been used to create virtual classroom learning experiences. The Inq-ITS (Inquiry Intelligent Tutoring System) adaptive learning platform for science is one of the tools used by schools to help make online learning as good or better than in-class instruction.

Inq-ITS intelligently assesses and in turn personalizes science based on the unique needs of each student. Unlike other subjects, learning science requires that students learn how to “do” science, thus interactive virtual simulations are ideal, especially during COVID. Inq-ITS delivers on the promise of AI-based learning with virtual labs that engage and support students in real time, and do real time assessment for teachers so they can deli- ver interactive learning experiences to their students in-class or remotely, at scale.

A platform as smart as Inq-ITS for adaptive learning requires a platform as smart as InsightFinder for AIOps.




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