Data Ingestion

Settings > System Settings > Add New Project

There are several different ways that InsightFinder can receive data.  You can configure integrations directly inside of InsightFinder and the backend performs the underlying API interactions – These are labeled as “Service” in the Add New Project list.  You can also utilize InsightAgents that get deployed directly to hosts or on a server that acts as middleware between the hosts and InsightFinder’s backend – These are labeled as “Agent” in the Add New Project list.  InsightAgents can be used to get active data and/or upload historical data directly via the InsightFinder application for immediate analysis.  Clicking into an integration will provide the details of what the integration will provide and how to use and install the integration.

If you want to import historical data, you can view the data interface. After writing an interpreter that supports the historical data, you can use the Replay script to import data.

The system doesn’t need to maintain a fixed data source table so it can adapt to a flexible environment. The system performs data learning of detection automatically depending on the data imported, so during different times Metric or Instance displayed in the system is not fixed, either. Users could view data importation, data modeling or data detection in the project list.