Unified Health View (UHV)

The Unified Health View (UHV) shows the overall health of a System and all its Projects. From this view, the user can view the Detected Anomalies, active Alerts, past Changes, automated actions performed, both the current and predicted Incidents, and much more.  Current Score shows current and predicted health score at System level. Metric Anomalies show the detected and predicted metric anomalies at region, component, and instance level. Log Anomaly Keywords show the keywords in the detected anomaly events in the log entries, like rare events, hot/cold events. The Classified Anomaly Timelines shows different types of anomalies at each level.

The UHV is an entry point for many other features.  Some examples are:

  • Clicking into Timeline will provide a view of everything that InsightFinder had detected on all instances in that System at that specific time.
  • Clicking and dragging into Timeline will Focus in on everything that InsightFinder detected during your entire selection period.  This powerful feature, called Focus, allows the user to validate Root Cause and visualize the timeline of events during the selected period.
  • Setting email alerts () for when Health Scores match your criteria.
  • Manually ingesting Incidents () into InsightFinder to trigger the Root Cause Analysis process. (Incidents can also be automatically added into InsightFinder via the [LINK] ServiceNow integration.)