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Causal Relation

The nodes in the picture represents host instance, applications or containers. The system establish the causal relationship between the anomalies detected in those nodes according to the order of events, and then calculate the possibility of causal relationship in these nodes (host instance, etc.). The higher the possibility of causal relationship, the more relevant anomalies occurred in the same time period in those nodes.

Time Thresholds can be used to set the time interval of anomalies that judged to have causal relationship. Causality Possibility can be used to set the possibility of causal relationship between nodes.

In addition to the causal relationship between nodes, mouseover the line will show the related metrics or log message on each nodes. Click the node will shows the inter-level causal relationship between metrics or log message on the selected node.

Through the causal analysis between anomalies, we can find the causal relationship between nodes and metrics, so as to provide the basis for the analysis of root location.

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