Incident Prediction

These settings will rarely be modified.  Default settings usually will suffice.  The settings from this page provides configurations for any incident predictions that are produced from the selected project 

  • Number Limit: The max number of incidents that will be predicted.  The oldest predictions will fall off as the number exceeds the value set. Maximum number of incident events to be predicted per instance per day. (Default: 50)
  • Maximum prediction interval (Hours): The maximum amount in hours that prediction will investigate the future for trailing/predictive events. For example, if it is 9:00am then there will not be any predictions for after 1:00pm if the value is 4. The maximum min-delay threshold for incident prediction. (Default: 12)
  • Minimum prediction interval (Minutes): The minimum amount in minutes that prediction will look ahead. For example, if it is 9:00am then there will be only predictions after 9:05am if the value is 5.
  • Incident prediction validation windows (Hours): The window of time in hours for when InsightFinder validates if a predicted incident occurred.
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