Our new two-way integration allows you to add InsightFinder incident prediction within your Datadog dashboards and alerting.

InsightFinder customers have seen great benefit from accurately predicted  high severity incidents with between 5 and 24 hours lead time, allowing you and your colleagues to identify and fix problems before they disrupt your DevSecOps operations or customer-facing applications.

Get started to add InsightFinder to your Datadog infrastructure monitoring, APM, log management or other Datadog services by following the step by step install instructions at the Insightfinder and Datadog integration page or contact us with your questions.


Once you’ve gone through those set up steps, in your Datadog environment when you click Dashboards you will now see your InsightFinder dashboard there.


As InsightFinder performs multivariate machine learning over various machine data collected by the Datadog platform, you will start to see a timeline there predicting potential future incidents ranked by severity. In addition to this dashboard visual view, you can also add the InsightFinder predictions to your Datadog or PagerDuty alerting.

For a limited time, InsightFinder is offering all Datadog customers a free trial to validate the benefits of incident prediction for you and your team. Use code DOG22 and sign up here.

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