Team collaboration is an essential part of the path to zero downtime. Problems cannot be solved by AI algorithms alone. Rather, solutions must be human-centered. If an alert is issued, how long does it take for the right team players to know there is a problem? Once an issue is known, where do teams connect to investigate and plan next steps? Who allocates responsibility? It’s important that essential information is delivered to the place where teams communicate the most so they can immediately take action.

That’s why, its latest release, InsightFinder has prioritized integrations with Slack and Microsoft Teams to make it easier and faster for users to get things done. InsightFinder’s strength is providing the most accurate alerts and actionable insights as quickly as possible. However, the way each team absorbs and distributes that information is unique to their process and workflow. With these integrations, the right answers can get to the right team members as soon as possible. InsightFinder customer, Apprendis CTO Mike Sao Paolo explains:  “The most important features are the email and integrated slack alerts we get when anomalies are detected. InsightFinder acts as multiple pairs of eyes watching all our systems and application logs 24/7 freeing us up to do what we do best.”

Two way integration enables users to see important alerts on their main communication apps to align with their current process.  By taking inputs from Slack and Teams, InsightFinder can leverage the data flowing through these platforms as part of its learning  and analysis. When a similar incident happens again, the operator can easily view past discussions on Slack or Teams channels to provide quick incident response. There is no need for teams to constantly log into the system. Instead, key messages are sent immediately to where teams talk to each other the most. That way, they can determine who takes the next steps to find out more information and solve the problem.

Collaboration and communication tools are more important than ever as work becomes increasingly distributed. Connecting InsightFinder to these tools helps provide the most comprehensive insights, and ensures the information is used by teams in the most effective way.

Learn more about how to integrate Slack and Microsoft Teams with InsightFinder today.

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