Keeping track of data and analytics can be overwhelming, making it hard to understand what truly matters. InsightFinder’s AIOps platform provides powerful ways to understand and analyze all machine data and take actions on what is happening within a business.

InsightFinder has new updates that make it even easier for users to quickly see and act on the insights provided by the platform. First, The new customizable dashboard is designed to make monitoring and analyzing data easier for everyone. InsightFinder Service Map takes traditional service maps to the next level by adding information like real time anomaly scores and service health status in addition to showing a unified view of the relationships between system components in a service.

Customizable Dashboard 

The first change to InsightFinder’s latest update is the new customizable dashboard. This dashboard offers a range of different options, making it easy to see your data and analytics in real-time. With the new dashboard, users can pick from a set of widgets that show them a variety of key insights such as top anomalous instances, top incident patterns, top root cause patterns, bottleneck instances, cost spending trend, and many others. This feature allows developers to be agile, seeing only what matters to them most in one dashboard. Depending on the project, the widgets available are customized so developers can choose what is relevant to their project, offering flexibility. The best part? This innovative dashboard is available for both individual users and teams, making collaboration seamless and convenient.

Service Map Views


The second major addition is the Service Map. Unlike traditional service maps, InsightFinder’s Service Map shows both relationships between various systems components and instances as well as real time anomaly scores within different parts of the system. The containment tab showcases the containment relations and health status of different services, instances, and containers. The colors green, yellow, and red show the status of issues. In addition, the map shows the status of the data quality in various components of the system. The color gray indicates missing partial data and the white boxes indicate those nodes that stop receiving any data.

By mapping the different data elements visually, users can quickly identify the health status of the system over a specific period of time, and can then determine where to focus their time and attention. The Service Map feature also supports dependency maps, which can help further identify the root cause of any complex production incident. InsightFinder understands that operators need to be able to identify issues quickly and through visualization, and the Service Map feature delivers that in spades.

InsightFinder is constantly thinking ahead to help operators quickly understand what is going on and take immediate action to maintain zero downtime. The new customizable dashboard allows operators to see the data that matters to them most. In addition, the real-time updates Service Map helps DevOps see the health of their system through easy to understand maps and color codes. With InsightFinder, operators are empowered to make better decisions and take action on issues before they spiral out of control. Overall, these new features are poised to transform the way operators monitor and analyze their data.

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