InsightFinder’s anomaly detection and prediction technology can now be used with Microsoft Azure Cloud Technology for logs and metrics. The offering allows businesses to easily connect their Microsoft Cloud data with InsightFinder, and receive one of a kind incident prediction and prevention insights.

‘We’re excited to give our Microsoft Azure customers a streamlined way to enhance their cloud experience. They will be able to leverage the InsightFinder AI-Based Incident Prediction and Prevention in a few easy steps. With our patented unsupervised streaming AI  technology, Azure metrics and logs are analyzed in real-time to detect the most relevant anomalies and discover predictive patterns to prevent future incidents. ” said Dr. Helen Gu, InsightFinder CEO and Founder.

InsightFinder currently works with clients such as Apprendis, Source Digital, Dell, and Credit Suisse. By integrating with Microsoft Azure, cloud customers can connect their cloud data to InsightFinder’s Unified Intelligence Engine, which provides the most accurate anomaly detection, root cause analysis, incident prediction and prevention. Businesses can also add other data sources to InsightFinder to provide a more holistic view of what is happening throughout their systems.

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