InsightFinder is pleased to announce a two-way integration with PagerDuty. Starting today, PagerDuty users can easily leverage InsightFinder’s anomaly detection, prediction, and prevention insights with the PagerDuty InsightFinder integration. Says InsightFinder Founder and CEO Dr. Helen Gu: “We’re excited to partner with PagerDuty, experts in the space of teamwork and distribution management, by providing them with our one-of-a-kind incident prediction and prevention insights with a two way integration.” This partnership combines the power of PagerDuty’s efficient incident distribution system with the world’s first AIOps platform using unsupervised stream learning technology.

PagerDuty users can send their incident data from PagerDuty to InsightFinder and combine it with events, logs, and metrics data for a holistic perspective of what is happening within their system. Armed with this data and overarching view of the system, InsightFinder provides anomaly detection and root cause analysis that PagerDuty can deliver to the right hands quickly.   Even more importantly, InsightFinder identifies patterns to accurately predict problems ahead of time. Source Digital, a data-driven engagement company, uses the two platforms and discovered a high database load was causing incidents in the system. With the power of prediction combined with PagerDuty’s work allocation system, Source Digital took immediate proactive action with the right team to prevent a problem from occurring. The overall result: an operation process that eliminates downtime.

By using InsightFinder with PagerDuty, companies benefit from:

– Predicting over 50% of major incidents with 5-24 hours lead time
– Reduce MTTD and MTTR from hours/days to minutes
– Reducing repeating error diagnosis by 95%

PagerDuty values distributing the right information to the right person, so every incident is handled as efficiently as possible. InsightFinder ensures operators receive the best, most actionable insights to keep systems up and running. According to Steve Gross, PagerDuty’s Senior Director of Technology Ecosystem, “PagerDuty empowers teams with the time and efficiency to innovate; InsightFinder and PagerDuty integration help us deliver actionable insights to the right people as efficiently as possible.  This partnership highlights the strengths of both teams.”

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