Prometheus users can now connect to InsightFinder in a few easy clicks. Customers seeking accurate alerts without having to set thresholds, as well as incident prediction to prevent problems, will benefit from this integration. InsightFinder can analyze the data Prometheus collects across different silos and containers, providing the most accurate real-time alerts for customers.

Receiving accurate alerts without thresholds improves accuracy and reduces the need for time consuming and error-prone changes. InsightFinder’s Human-Centered AI focuses on helping team members do what they do best.  We recently worked with a Fortune 50 technology company using Prometheus that had large and diverse datasets on premises. While Prometheus was useful for monitoring purposes, it was cumbersome when it came to setting alerts for tens of thousands of  network switches and servers. In addition, the different types of data could not be analyzed together in the Prometheus system.

After this company implemented InsightFinder and integrated with Prometheus, the cumbersome challenges were resolved.  With its multivariate real time anomaly detection capabilities, InsightFinder accurately detected many anomalies, including an incident of unusual traffic surge on their infrastructure that would otherwise go unnoticed. In addition, InsightFinder provided the team with enough lead time to fix the problem before it started impacting customers.

InsightFinder helped this company set up more accurate alerts across its global system, and helped it improve its service levels. Before using InsightFinder, the team had no advanced warning that a high priority incident would occur and had to fight many high severity incidents each month. After using InsightFinder, over 80% high severity incidents were predicted. In addition, the teams were given 8 to 22 hours lead time to fix the problem before it occurred.

Leveraging new, accurate technology elevates service quality for users, and allows employees to work on high business value problems, rather than manual tasks. This improvement moves the industry forward, and creates a new standard level of expectation for workers and consumers.

Learn more about integrating Prometheus with InsightFinder here.

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