Datadog users can easily access InsightFinder’s anomaly detection and incident prediction platform with the Datadog InsightFinder integration. By streaming metric and event data to InsightFinder, Datadog users can leverage the world’s first AIOps platform using unsupervised machine learning technology. Once your metric data is ingested, your thresholds are no longer static or arbitrary. InsightFinder’s patented anomaly detection then proactively alerts you when issues arrive. Datadog events are automatically analyzed for anomalous behavior, along with other interesting patterns, including hot, cold, new, rare, and critical.  These accurate insights allow users to quickly troubleshoot and resolve issues.

​​By using InsightFinder with Datadog, companies benefit from:

– Predicting over 50% of major incidents with 5-24 hour lead time
– Reduce MTTD and MTTR from hours/days to minutes
-Reducing repeating error diagnosis by 95%

This integration combines Datadog, a leading observability platform, with InsightFinder, the leading system of intelligence for IT operations, to help users detect, troubleshoot, and resolve incidents before they impact users. Datadog users can also provide alert and log data from other sources into InsightFinder’s Unified Intelligence Engine (UIE), thus providing a holistic view of an application’s performance. Correlating logs, metrics, and traces with errors leads to deeper insights about performance and a high quality user experience. Click here to start using the integration today.

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