Identify the root cause of IT incidents in minutes instead of hours and reduce false alerts by 75% – 90%. See how it works →

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Detect and Resolve Incidents Faster

Identify potential issues in your IT systems without the need for manual threshold setting; reducing mean time to detection (MTTD).

Decrease mean time to resolution (MTTR) by eliminating tedious manual combing of log, metric, and incident data to track down root cause.

Causal graphs that provide user with view of relationships between anomalies allows rapid troubleshooting focus, by bringing the user directly to the most probable causes for an incident/failure.

Reduce Event Noise by 93%

Machine learning correlates unique events and pinpoints the root cause while suppressing non-actionable alerts, allowing you to focus quickly on the issue that is impacting your systems.

Highlight repeating issues by using unique Pattern ID’s. Old or new pattern ID? Repeatable pattern ID.

Collecting data from many disparate sources. ML against it all and finding the most probably causality. Filtering out non actionable events.

Automated Self Healing

Automate your incident response increasing uptime and allowing you to assign your staff to higher-value activities.

Trigger alerts, initiate remediation and automate incident workflows based on your current runbooks.

Outbound webhooks send platform data into other systems, allowing for custom dashboarding, external ticketing, and automated syncs to your systems.

Key Results

Reduced time to resolution

“When an incident occurs, our front line support engineers are inundated with data. InsightFinder has demonstrated the ability to help reduce tedious manual combing of log and metric data to track down root cause, and has empowered our SREs to respond quickly and accurately.”

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