InsightFinder Inc., leader in AI-driven Predictive Observability platform for companies of all sizes, proudly announces it has achieved SOC 2 Type II compliance.

According to CEO Helen Gu, “This is great recognition of our priority to best serve customers by protecting their data according to the highest industry standards. We look forward to scaling InsightFinder’s technology offerings with this certification in hand.”

This assessment complies with AICPA standards (also known as SSAE 18) to ensure that their customer’s data is securely stored within InsightFinder Inc.’s System. Expertly audited by Prescient Assurance – an industry leader specializing in security and compliance attestation services worldwide – this third party validation serves as proof of InsightFinders dedication towards providing enterprise-level security on a global scale.

About InsightFinder:

DevSecOps, IT operations, and site reliability engineering (SRE) teams rely on InsightFinder to predict and prevent outages in complex distributed architectures. Powered by unique patented capabilities for incident prediction, unsupervised active learning and auto-remediation, the InsightFinder predictive observability platform continuously learns from raw log data, metric data, and trace data to identify and fix problems before they impact production performance. Customers gain value quickly starting with an InsightFinders free trial and the company’s pre-built integrations with Datadog, New Relic, PagerDuty and other popular DevSecOps tools. Learn more at and sign up for a free trial here.

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