Source Digital understands the importance of keeping customers up and running. That’s why they’ve implemented best in class monitoring and anomaly detection and prevention solutions with InsightFinder in addition to PagerDuty. InsightFinder, in combination with Pager Duty, provides Source Digital with a holistic perspective of their system and enables them to quickly identify patterns that may cause problems. As a result, Source Digital can take proactive action and prevent incidents before they happen. Below, read more about how the solution works and how it’s helped Source Digital avoid customer downtime.

How It Works

PagerDuty is a platform that helps businesses like Source Digital manage incidents and alerts. When an incident occurs, PagerDuty notifies the appropriate team so that they can take action. Meanwhile, InsightFinder continuously analyzes the behavior of the Source Digital systems that run inside Google Cloud and identifies anomalous patterns that may indicate an impending problem. If InsightFinder detects a potential issue, it creates an alert in PagerDuty. This way, proactive action can be taken to prevent the incident from happening in the first place.

The Benefits of adding InsightFinder to a PagerDuty’s Solution

Since implementing InsightFinder with PagerDuty, Source Digital has seen an increase in performance and ease of detecting anomalies. Nick Steele, Source Digital CTO explains:

“In working with large media entities like the NHL and Formula 1, expectations are at an all time high to deliver first class content, connectivity, and analytics continuously without any glitches. InsightFinder helps us provide the most innovative technology solutions to our customers and allows us to meet our service level targets because of their incident prediction and prevention technology.”

Source Digital has been able to avoid customer downtime by proactively addressing potential problems before they occur. In addition, communication between teams has become more streamlined and efficient. Finally, customer satisfaction has increased by providing a higher level of service.

To avoid customer downtime, consider implementing an AI powered observability strategy that leverages InsightFinder and Pagerduty to proactively manage incidents. By working together, these two platforms will provide a holistic perspective of a business’s system and enable teams to identify patterns that may cause problems. As a result, proactive action can be taken to fix incidents and prevent them before they happen.

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