With the recent trends in technology and the complexities of systems, everyone is talking about observability, AIOps, and monitoring. Individuals and companies are often confused between observability and AIOps. Sometimes, some vendors use the words interchangeably on purpose to confuse potential buyers.

Before the cloud era, systems were built with monolithic architecture. Back then, it was easy for developers and operations to get full visibility into the application or system using machine (system) and human (developer) logs.

With the rise of distributed applications, microservices architecture, and the cloud native era, it is no longer a trivial job for companies to monitor, observe, and get meaningful insights into the system. Hence, there is an increased demand for advanced tools to give insights into the applications running across the infrastructure.

Observability and AIOps are terms that build on the basic premise of learning about what happens in your system, reducing downtime and achieving zero MTTR. Observability is about complete visibility across the systems with metrics, logs, and traces. AIOps is about bringing meaningful insights out of the visibility by correlating the telemetry and detecting abnormalities.

Even though Observability and AIOps can work independently, they are not complete without each other. . To achieve zero downtime, predict and prevent outages, implement self-healing and minimize mean time to recovery, we need a tool that not only observes, but one that also allows us to take informed action.

Today, there is a flood of observability tools in the market like Splunk, Datadog, Cloudwatch, etc. Companies can choose based on their use case, amount of data, and budget.

In contrast, AIOps is a niche market, and very few players are able to achieve the required level of accuracy and lead time with detection and prediction. InsightFinder is an advanced AIOps product available for businesses. InsightFinder uses tuning free unsupervised stream machine learning with multivariate and multi modality analysis to achieve the objectives. It uses its patented technology for unparalleled accuracy and root cause analysis for any scale of distributed systems. You can try it for free.

If you have any questions, please reach out and we will be happy to help you in your journey to zero downtime and MTTR.

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