InsightFinder customers can now monitor their Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) cloud costs within the InsightFinder platform and get notified with any abnormal cloud bills automatically.

Customers are sometimes surprised by their cloud usage bill at the end of the month. How did usage get so high, and why wasn’t someone aware of this earlier? The truth is – it is time consuming to constantly monitor platform usage. In addition, it is often difficult  to immediately identify when something appears out of the ordinary. The chart will show usage level and cost over time.

If there is a deviation from the norm, the project owner will receive a notification via email, slack, or teams. In contrast to existing threshold based alerting provided by cloud service providers, InsightFinder employs patented unsupervised machine learning algorithms to help customers discover any unexpected anomalies in their cost data.

Once an anomaly is flagged and identified, InsightFinder’s holistic analysis can help point to potential causes, including the root cause, of the problem. For example, one InsightFinder customer was alerted to a spike in usage for their AWS EC2. Because of InsightFinder anomaly detection, the team quickly became aware of the problem. After reviewing the system activity surrounding rapid increase in usage, the team determined they had a security breach. Without InsightFinder, they most likely would have had to deal with high bills because of unknown increased usage, and their systems would have been vulnerable to attack for a longer period of time.

Monitoring cloud storage costs will not only have a positive impact on managing cost effectively. Cost monitoring helps signal other, deeper issues that InsightFinder can find and fix. These tools will alert customers quickly not only to general cost activities, but also as a way to understand other unusual system behavior that could be caused by inefficient usage, security issues, and more.

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