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Meet Our Team

Our Mission

InsightFinder will make the world's digital infrastructure more reliable so every person on the planet can lead better lives enriched by technology.

Our Vision

The world is a better place thanks to technology. Every digital service is reliable and keeping it healthy is easy. Every issue is predicted and remediated before any user is impacted.

Team Members

Helen Gu

Founder & CEO & Chief Scientist

John Whittington

Chief Revenue Officer

Jason Girardi

West Sales Director

Warren Love

East Sales Director

Erin McMahon

Senior Marketing Manager

John Lindley

Senior Sales Engineer

Joyce Liu

Senior Software Engineer / Tech Lead

Banji Zhang

Senior Software Engineer

Cai Xu

Senior Software Engineer

Zinan Zhang

Senior Software Engineer

David Dearmore

Senior DevOps Engineer

Dan Turchin


Our Investors

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