Unified Intelligence Engine™ is the system that drives InsightFinder anomaly detection, root cause analysis, and incident prediction.

It ingests and evaluates data across different systems, providing a holistic assessment of business activity. Read more here.

Integrated Visibility

Ingest any data

Analyze real-time data streams from practically any monitoring, tracing or logging tool, enabling the most integrated and comprehensive analytics

Automatically identify correlation

Identify hidden dependencies within your systems with the only platform that can cross almost the entire IT ecosystem

Unsupervised AI

Automatic learning without human configuration

Unlike supervised ML, InsightFinder can ingest and analyze data streams without requiring up front understanding (or training) on what the data is

Perform cross-stream correlation

Find hidden anomalies, relationships, dependencies and behavior correlation from disparate systems and tools

Identify hidden problems

With cross-system and cross-tool visibility, only InsightFinder can find patterns between those systems without any pre-programmed understanding

Predictive Insights

Incident prediction and prevention

Get in front of potential problems by predicting performance, availability and scaling incidents – allowing adjustments ahead of time to prevent them from even happening

Automated root cause analysis

Identify and fix root causes before they impacts business

Impact driven prioritization

Cut through the constant noise of alerts, multi-system anomalies and identified incidents to tackle the most impactful situations

Knowledge Base and Active Learning