InsightFinder developed industry-leading, unsupervised multivariate machine learning (ML) algorithms to analyze massive volumes of production system data (e.g., metrics, logs, and traces) in real-time, resulting in highly accurate anomaly alerts and root cause pinpointing to inform your ITOps team. Our UIE platform identifies potential problems before they can affect customer production services, triggering automated responses that stop anomalies in their tracks. And InsightFinder diagnoses what has caused each production issue, allowing companies to take proactive steps to prevent both new and chronic issues from impacting the business again. To learn more, please request a download of our paper “Unified Intelligence Engine: A Technical Deep Dive Paper from InsightFinder Inc.”


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A major credit card company’s mobile payment service experienced severe performance degradation on a Friday afternoon.
InsightFinder utilizes the industry’s best unsupervised multivariate machine learning algorithms to analyze a large amount of production system data.