InsightFinder predictive anomaly detection with Dynatrace observability data

Over the past decade, IT infrastructures have become increasingly sophisticated, necessitating advanced monitoring solutions to maintain and optimize performance. Dynatrace offers a robust framework for discovering, mapping, and monitoring complex digital landscapes. When integrated with InsightFinder’s AI incident prediction capabilities, businesses can significantly amplify the depth and breadth of insights garnered from the data. Learn more about the benefits of utilizing InsightFinder to enhance the insights derived from Dynatrace data.

Real-time incident prediction

Dynatrace provides a rigorous monitoring mechanism that allows IT teams to have a clear overview of their digital ecosystems. By sending this data to InsightFinder, the platform uses unsupervised machine learning algorithms to delve deeper into the data – capturing a holistic view of system data. InsightFinder incident prediction engine can alert IT teams of potential production outages  before they impact users and cause major problems. Combined with Dynatrace’s insights into the current state and performance of IT systems, InsightFinder anticipates future events and potential outages. This predictive capability shifts the IT paradigm from being reactive to proactive, enabling teams to preemptively address issues before they manifest, thereby ensuring continuous system availability and performance. A recent production deployment with a Dynatrace customer shows that InsightFinder prediction engine can achieve over 80% incident prediction accuracy after training with just one month of events and metric data. 

Informed Decision-Making

The synthesis of Dynatrace’s observability with InsightFinder’s predictive intelligence equips IT decision-makers with a comprehensive understanding of their digital ecosystems. This dual-layered insight ensures that decisions, whether related to resource allocation, system enhancements, or infrastructural modifications, are data-driven, strategic, and optimized for both current and anticipated IT needs.

Prevention Over Remediation

With its predictive capabilities, InsightFinder offers IT personnel the opportunity to implement preventive measures, rather than merely remedial ones. By predicting potential system failures or outages, teams can take proactive steps, such as system optimizations or resource reallocations, to avert or mitigate potential issues, thereby ensuring sustained system performance and availability.

The integration of InsightFinder with Dynatrace data represents a strategic convergence of real-time observability and predictive intelligence. For organizations looking to maintain a competitive edge in today’s digital marketplace, leveraging the combined capabilities of these platforms ensures that their IT systems are not only robust and resilient but also primed for future challenges. In an environment where optimal performance is paramount, the synergy of Dynatrace and InsightFinder offers an invaluable toolkit for IT excellence. Learn how to implement Dynatrace here, and sign up for a free trial with InsightFinder here


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