In a strategic move to strengthen its leadership team and accelerate product innovation, InsightFinder, the cutting-edge provider of AI-driven operational intelligence and observability solutions, is excited to announce the appointment of Ciaran Byrne as Vice President of Product. Bringing over many years of rich experience in AI/ML, AIOps, Observability, and IT Operations Management, Byrne is set to steer InsightFinder’s product vision and strategy into new heights of success and market leadership.

A Journey Marked by Innovation and Leadership

Ciaran Byrne is a seasoned professional known for his pioneering work in the AIOps category, contributing to its evolution from inception. Byrne’s journey through the tech landscape includes pivotal roles at startup environments and established tech leaders like OpsRamp, Moogsoft, and VMware (Wavefront). His tenure at these companies has been marked by a consistent focus on merging technical innovation with market demands, thereby driving product strategy and nurturing high-performance teams.

Byrne’s remarkable contributions include leading the product management for Tanzu Observability at VMware, where he launched Tanzu Insights. This integration of AI/ML for improved incident detection and resolution spearheaded a 50% increase in revenue (ARR), underscoring his capability to drive significant outcomes. Furthermore, at OpsRamp, Byrne was instrumental in a platform redesign that not only enhanced user experience but also introduced cutting-edge AIOps algorithms, leading to the company’s successful acquisition by HPE in 2023. His foundational role in establishing the product management division at Moogsoft and leading the development of algorithms for alert clustering and noise reduction propelled Moogsoft from a startup to a market leader.

A Vision for InsightFinder’s Future

Byrne’s vision for InsightFinder is clear and ambitious. Leveraging his extensive experience in AIOps, observability, and product strategy, he aims to push the boundaries of InsightFinder’s product innovation further. His approach will focus on scalable, customer-centric solutions that harness the power of industry-leading AI/ML technologies. Byrne is committed to fostering a culture of innovation within InsightFinder, emphasizing direct user engagement and strategic enterprise growth in the product development process.

“I am genuinely excited to join InsightFinder, a company at the cutting edge of AI-driven operations and observability solutions,” said Byrne. “My goal is to leverage my background in AI/ML, AIOps, and IT operations management to drive forward-thinking, customer-centric product innovations. I look forward to collaborating with the talented team at InsightFinder to deliver solutions that not only meet but exceed our customers’ expectations.”

InsightFinder is confident that Byrne’s leadership will significantly contribute to the company’s growth and success in the evolving landscape of AI operations and observability. Welcome aboard, Ciaran Byrne! 

About InsightFinder

InsightFinder provides industry-leading AI-driven operations and observability solutions, enabling businesses to proactively manage and optimize their IT environments. By leveraging advanced AI/ML algorithms, InsightFinder offers unparalleled insight into IT operations, helping companies prevent downtime, enhance performance, and drive significant operational efficiencies. 

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