At InsightFinder, we aim to harness AI to make IT operations more efficient. InsightFinder enhances your ability to monitor, analyze, and manage your data and incidents more effectively.

Introducing InsightFinder’s Explainable Incident Analysis 

End users can now interact with InsightFinder operation copilot, enhancing their incident response experience with specialized GAI technology. This new feature provides a human-readable version of root cause analysis (RCA) and recommended actions to remediate technical issues. Users can review the LLM-generated summaries for both incident investigation and prediction. To access this functionality, navigate to the pages listing incidents or predictions and click the robot icon. InsightFinder will extract information from root cause results and incident data, summarize the RCA and recommendations, and transpose the findings into the LLM recommendation chat box. This streamlined process ensures that incident responders receive clear, actionable insights to address and prevent issues efficiently.

Analytics & Machine Learning Updates

We’ve rolled out key analytics and ML capabilities updates: Model Drift Detection and Enhanced log2metric Feature. First, the cumulative distribution function (CDF), is a powerful tool designed to detect generic model drift. This feature significantly enhances your ability to monitor and maintain the accuracy of your models, a critical component in predicting and preventing incidents before they impact your operations.

In addition, our upgraded log2metric feature now allows you to join related data from multiple log files and perform complex calculations. This enhancement enables more comprehensive data analysis, providing deeper insights for incident prediction and prevention.

New Features

We’ve updated several existing parts of the platform to enhance user functionality.  

  • Embeddable InsightFinder Heatmap and Service Map—The InsightFinder heatmap and service map can now be embedded into other UIs, including Grafana. This integration simplifies viewing and analyzing data from multiple sources in one place, enhancing your ability to monitor system health and predict incidents.
  • New Actions Page—The new actions page now displays all triggered actions, including custom and Kubernetes (k8s) actions. This centralized view enhances the system’s management and tracking of actions, ensuring a proactive approach to incident prevention.
  • Data Segmentation by Security Zones – Customers can now segment data in the UI into zones based on security needs. This feature provides an additional layer of security and customization, allowing for more precise control over data access and visibility.
  • K8s Trace Data Collection with Open Telemetry (OTEL) We now support the collection of Kubernetes (k8s) trace data using Open Telemetry (OTEL). This integration enhances our tracing capabilities, providing more detailed insights into your Kubernetes environments, which are essential for predicting and preventing potential issues.

UI/UX Improvements

Various improvements have been made to enhance our platform’s overall user experience and performance. These updates ensure a smoother, faster, and more intuitive interaction with our tools, reinforcing our commitment to providing a user-friendly experience.

We have enhanced the incident investigation page by adding a summary and recommendations section. This improvement makes it easier to quickly understand the nature of incidents and the recommended actions to resolve them, streamlining the incident management process. In addition, managing incidents has become more efficient with our new feature, which consolidates related incidents. This allows for a more organized view and handling of incidents, helping you address issues more effectively and prevent recurrence.

At InsightFinder, we believe that the key to maintaining operational excellence lies in predicting and preventing incidents before they occur. Our latest updates are designed to enhance your ability to do just that, ensuring your systems run smoothly and efficiently. We value your feedback and are here to support you with any questions or concerns. If thee updates are of interest, explore how InsightFinder can help your by scheduling a demo with our team. 

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