Mountain View, CA – February 24, 2021

InsightFinder received the “Most Backable Startup” award from a panel of student teams at the recent Venture Capital Investment Competition’s Silicon Valley event. Teams from universities including UC Berkeley, Pomona, San Diego State, Utah Valley, Santa Clara, and UCLA evaluated startups based on their product, market, and team – “backability”. All six student teams selected InsightFinder as the “most backable”.


“It’s rare we have a startup receive all six term sheets in a single competition. InsightFinder is clearly poised for success. The judges and students were impressed by InsightFinder’s team, market opportunity, and product. We pride ourselves on the success our startup alumni have and we expect big things from InsightFinder!” said Patrick Vernon, VCIC Director from UNC’s Kenan-Flager Business School


VCIC brings students, entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists together for a day of learning and networking capped off with an awards ceremony. Past participants say the VCIC experience is the best preparation for raising venture capital and starting a career in the field. The Silicon Valley regional event was part of a global network of events happening across the world, all culminating in a final round with winners meeting virtually in Chapel Hill, NC. 


According to Dan Turchin, InsightFinder CEO: “InsightFinder is proud to have participated in the event and be recognized as the most backable startup. Using AI in IT operations isn’t a new idea but InsightFinder is the first company to make it easy to use the most sophisticated algorithms to detect and predict incidents using unsupervised machine learning across metrics and logs. Our technology advantage is why customers like Dell and Credit Suisse partner with InsightFinder. VCIC was a great experience and we enjoyed meeting all of the judges and student teams.”


About InsightFinder


InsightFinder is an AI-first system of intelligence for IT operations that uses unsupervised machine learning to detect anomalies in machine data, predict incidents, and automate root cause analysis. Unlike alternatives, only InsightFinder follows the lifecycle of operational incidents providing the ability to detect, diagnose, remediate, and prevent outages. 


The platform and patent portfolio are based on 15 years of research conducted by Dr. Gu, CTO, with support from IBM, Google, and the NSF. Organizations like China Mobile, Dell, and Credit Suisse use InsightFinder to automate systems management across logs, metrics, traces, and changes. Typical customers save $30,000 – $50,000 per month using InsightFinder to prevent service disruption.

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