Dr. Panos Siozos, LearnWorlds CEO, went from academic to high-tech CEO and raised $32M from Insight Partners to help creators monetize e-learning courses. Dr. Siozos is our first guest from Cyprus and his story about building a remote-first, global team should inspire international entrepreneurs everywhere. As Dr. Siozos says, "everyone has something to teach… that someone else wants to learn." This is a great opportunity to understand the future of learning… in 30 minutes.

Listen and learn…

  1. How Dr. Siozos transitioned from being an academic and researcher to a high-tech CEO
  2. Why creators need a better platform to share and monetize custom e-learning courses
  3. How technology is redefining the learning experience and why "the industrial education experience" is antiquated 
  4. How future innovation in the areas of AI, AR, and VR will increase engagement rates for e-learning
  5. Why Dr. Siozos says "…learning is the only superpower we possess as humans."

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