Bindu Reddy, CEO and co-founder of Abacus AI, was a product exec at Google and Amazon and an accomplished entrepreneur before setting out to make AI model management accessible to non data scientists. Bindu has since raised more than $40M from investors like Index Ventures, Coatue, Ram Shriram, Deep Nishar, and others. Her team is investing in core AI research and building a platform to make it easy to deploy models trained on deep neural nets with tabular data. Hear Bindu’s vision… then go follow her on Twitter for provocative tweets like the one we discuss in this episode :).

Listen and learn…

  1. How Bindu became an AI enthusiast after an algorithm helped her previous company increase revenue 40%
  2. What Bindu learned at Google and AWS… and what she has had to un-learn to grow Abacus AI
  3. How AI is being used to reduce customer churn
  4. Why Bindu’s vision is to make creating and managing AI models “as easy as creating podcasts or websites”
  5. Why building bias into AI models isn’t necessarily bad

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