Today’s guest is a General Partner at Foundation Capital, one of the most iconic venture capital firms in the world.

Today’s guest is one of the most respected thought leaders in the HR and HRTech space. Josh Bersin’s name is

Amr and I met on a genAI panel and everything he said was both insightful and contrarian. Immediately, I knew

Dr. John Boudreau is a luminary in the future of work academic community. He has published more than 50 books

Today's guest has been bringing families together online since 1997 when he founded which has served more than 13

Anyone who has ever hired a new employee knows how important and broken the background check process is. The experience

AI is here to accelerate the world's creativity. In fact, it's one of the things generative AI does best. Imagine

Tim Guleri has had a remarkable run at Sierra Ventures since 2001. He has invested in transcendent companies including Sourcefire

We've had interesting conversations about remote-first work with leaders like Jordan Husney, Parabol CEO, and Darren Murph who at the

Durga Mulladi is the SVP & GM for Technology Planning & Edge Solutions at Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., the iconic company

In 2020 when today's guest founded her company the transformer architecture was relatively new and OpenAI was a science experiment

Today's guest created one of the largest communities for conversational AI and generative AI enthusiasts. Pete Erickson is the founder

Entrepreneurs wonder what it’s like to be a VC. And VCs without an operating background often don’t understand the grit

Vijay Tella is an enterprise software legend having founded unicorn and Cloud100 company Workato nearly a decade ago after an

Christopher Penn writes one of the few newsletters I read weekly. I have no idea how I ended up on

About 54 million Americans and 936 million patients globally suffer from sleep apnea and 80% of cases go undiagnosed. Today’s

We’ve had interesting recent discussions about AI and the law with great guests like Robert Plotkin. And we’ve had many

Today’s guest has had a front row seat for every technology platform shift for the past 20+ years. More important,

Ron Bodkin is a self-described “serial entrepreneur focused on beneficial uses of AI”. Ron founded ChainML in April 2022 to

Trent Fitz is the Chief Product Officer at Zenoss after having spent two decades in product and marketing leadership roles

Today's guest is one of the pioneers in generative AI having spent nine years at Google Research building teams that

Today’s guest is one of the original AI-first entrepreneurs. SambaNova paved the way for generations of other companies including today’s

We’ve interviewed some legendary CIOs including Mark Settle from Okta (a repeat guest), Reza Nazeman from SAP Concur, and, more

No field is being upended as much as the legal profession. We’re all confused about how content generated by AI

Today’s guest is the author of a popular Medium blog where he has recently been dissecting generative AI for technologists.

We often discuss the technology that is automating the future of work. We perhaps don’t spend enough time talking about

What does it mean to be human when your colleague's a bot? Can AI ever truly understand us? This week,

The current Hollywood writers strike is the highest profile example of shifting dynamics in the entertainment industry. Studios are spending

Guru Banavar is the founding CTO of Viome where he helped raise $150M from a list of top-tier investors including

Today’s guests are using machine learning to turn real world data from past interactions into insights. Dr. Hyde is the

Dr. Shiv Rao is a cardiologist, teacher, former corporate VC, and the CEO of an exciting company that is changing

Guillermo Corea is the Managing Director of the SHRM Workplace Innovation Lab and Venture Capital initiatives. He joined SHRM in

Daniel Marcous comes to fintech from an unconventional background. Before co-founding April he was the CTO for the Waze product

Artem Koren, co-founder and Chief Product Officer at Sembly AI, started the company in January 2019 to bring the power

Today’s guest is one of the most recognized investors and thought leaders in the conversational AI community. Bradley Metrock is

Ken Wenger is the author of the forthcoming book Is the Algorithm Plotting Against Us?: A Layperson’s Guide to the

Bob Rogers, AI pioneer, entrpreneur, and author, started Oii in 2019 to automate supply chain design. The company uses advanced

Cisco got its start in 1984 connecting computers at Stanford University to form the first local area network. Other than

Navindra Yadav is the co-founder and CEO of Theom, the cloud data security leader. He and the team recently raised

We often discuss the future of work for enterprise employees. What technology will they use, how will people and machines

Meredith Broussard is one of the most visible, vocal leaders in the emerging field of algorithmic accountability. Professor Broussard is

Arvind Jain, Glean CEO and Rubrik co-founder, started Glean in March 2019 to make it easier to find answers strewn

Parul Saini has been a technology leader at tech-first companies like Zuora, Splunk, and Uber for more than a decade

Binny Gill started his career as a programmer after studying CS and Engineering at IIT Kanpur and later UIUC, University

Today’s guest belongs on the Mt. Rushmore of amazing female leaders we've interviewed on this podcast. Daphne and I met

This is one of my favorite episodes of the year. It’s our third annual long, strange trip into the mind

Carter Busse has been leading IT organizations for more than two decades. He has been an IT leader at successful,

Today's episode first appeared on Peter Scott's (excellent!) AI and You podcast. Peter Scott and David Wood are two of

We’ve met some brilliant product minds on this show over the years. If you’re a long-time listener you hopefully enjoyed

Special episode this week! We recorded two live discussions from Turing's BOUNDARYLESS "Future of Work" event in San Francisco. In

Merve Hickok is one of the most recognized thought leaders in the emerging field of AI ethics. Merve is the

Emmanuel Turlay spent more than a decade in engineering roles at tech-first companies like Instacart and Cruise before realizing machine

Kevin Mulcahy, co-author of the Future Workplace Experience, has been thinking and writing about the future of work since 2016.

Today’s guest is the co-founder and CEO of vAIsual, the company pioneering the use of generative AI to create synthetic

Otto Soderlund co-founded Speechly in 2016 with Hannes Heikinheimo in their hometown of Helsinki. He believes voice should be a

Jonathan Frankle, incoming Harvard Professor and Chief Scientist at MosaicML, is focused on reducing the cost of training neural nets.

Eric Olson, CEO and co-founder of Consensus, is a collegiate athlete turned data scientist turned entrepreneur who needed faster access

Mona Akmal, CEO of sales intelligence platform Falkon, is the outspoken co-founder behind an emerging leader in a hot space.

Hina Dixit, venture capitalist leading AI investing at Samsung NEXT, grew up in a small town in India from humble

Rana Gujral, CEO of Behavioral Signals since 2018, joined the company after a distinguished tech career growing companies like Logitech,

Ahmed Elsamadisi built the data infrastructure at WeWork before realizing every company could benefit from his team’s innovation. Traditional star

Seth Earley is a Chemist by training and an expert on AI. Specifically, how AI is used to improve knowledge

Peter Scott, author, TedX speaker, and futurist, worked at NASA’s JPL laboratory after receiving his Masters Degree in Computer Science

Kia Kokalitcheva, Axios tech reporter, is a Silicon Valley native who writes about tech news and culture. Among other things,

Deon Nicholas, Forethought Co-Founder CEO, grew up in inner city Toronto stocking shelves in a pharmacy before learning to code

Jim Lawton, VP and GM of Robotics Automation at Zebra Technologies, met the founder of Roomba, Rodney Brooks, at MIT

Kamal Ahluwalia and the Eightfold team set out to find the right career for everyone in the world. Six years

Ben Brennan, former guest, accomplished author, and QSTAC CEO, guest hosts today's "turn the tables" episode… and interviews Dan Turchin,

Gadi Shamia, Replicant CEO and co-founder, has been delivering innovation to help customers have better service experiences for more than

Krish Ramineni, Fireflies CEO and Microsoft alum, learned the value of NLP working with Skype and Office as a Product

Joel Eagle, McDonald's Senior Director of Technology and Architecture, started his career in healthcare and logistics before being promoted to

Ben Brennan, QSTAC CEO, author, and former IT exec at Yahoo and Verizon Media, is a world traveler, a musician,

Francois Candelon, Managing Director at the BCG Henderson Institute, has spent 30 years researching how companies adopt modern technology.  His

Stephen Messer, founder of Collective[i], was an attorney and teacher before discovering his passion for entrepreneurship. He started LinkShare (acquired

In this special episode, we unpack the controversy surrounding the sentient chatbot that "worries about its future". Google engineer Blake

Kevin Dewalt, CEO of Prolego, built his first neural net at Stanford in 1995 after graduating from the U.S. Coast

Giselle Mota, Future of Work principal at ADP, overcame dyslexia and discovered passions for math and AI. Her parents immigrated

Harish Batlapenumarthy always believed culture is more important than anything else at work. He and the team at Emtropy Labs

Eric Daimler advised the Obama administration on how to have conversations about AI. His work led to the creation of

Mahesh Ram, founder and CEO of Solvvy, set out to "give everyone back time". His company was recently acquired by

Chandra Khatri,  Chief Scientist and Head of AI at Got It AI, was a key team member in the early

Paul Lee, serial entrepreneur and co-founder of Synesis One, combined his love of games with a passion for NLP and

Phil Johnson, founder and CEO of Master of Business Leadership (MBL) and veteran tech exec, overcame adversity as a kid

Dipanwita ("D") Das, Founder and CEO of Sorcero, is an award-winning technology entrepreneur and AI innovator.  She is the CEO

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Matt K. Parker, author and engineering leader formerly at Pivotal Labs, profiled 13  collaborative work cultures in his book A

Jaime Ramirez, CEO and Founder of Preventor, and stalwart of the Miami tech scene, shares how banks and brands are

Edmundo Gonzalez, Co-founder and CEO of Marpai Health, realized our health plans have a significant impact on the quality of

Doug Kerwin is an engineering leader and entrepreneur who recently published "Riley and Bot: Jobs for Robots and Jobs for

Phil McKinney, former HP CTO and one of the "50 most innovative" thinkers on the planet according to Fast Company,

Rene Steenvoorden, Chief Digital Officer (CDO) at HR behemoth Randstad, started in IT 30 years ago when technology was a

Gordon Wilson, CEO and founder of Rain Neuromorphics, turned a childhood fascination with science fiction into an entrepreneurial passion to

Jason Corsello, Founder & General Partner at Acadian Ventures, didn't set out to be a venture capitalist. He was a

Dr. Mamoun Samaha, CTO at the International Technological University and Professor of Computer Science at Northeastern University, is an operator

Paddy Padmanabhan, CEO of Damo Consulting, has spent 20 years educating healthcare CIOs about digital transformation and writing about healthcare

Dave Kellogg, serial CEO, investor, and advisor, is a prolific blogger over at His annual predictions are a must-read

Graham Brown,  storyteller extraordinaire, has traveled the world learning about work, culture, and technology. He’s a cognitive psychologist with a

Rob May, serial AI entrepreneur and investor,  started as a hardware engineer but realized he could have more of an

Elliot Shmukler, CEO and founder of Anomalo, needed a better way to monitor data quality at scale. He previously led

Luke Arrigoni started Arricor in 2012 to help large companies make sense of their data. Since then, he and the

Peter Fishman ("Fish"), co-founder and CEO of Mozart Data, had a vision for making it easy for any business to

Shawn Merani, entrepreneur and venture investor, has started two venture funds and been an operator at early stage companies including

Mel Engle,  executive and cancer survivor, has spent more than 30 years in and around the intersection of healthcare and

Matt Cowell started QuantHub in 2018 to help upskill and reskill employees to prepare for careers in data and AI.

Dan Grunfeld, former professional basketball player and operator at Lightspeed Venture Partners, discusses the parallels between sports and entrepreneurship. His

Matt Compton's a restless tinkerer from Indianapolis who started to solve a problem he had. He needed something better

Phil Heltewig, co-founder and CEO of Cognigy, the low-code conversational AI platform for managing customer service bots, discusses how new

Dr. Panos Siozos, LearnWorlds CEO, went from academic to high-tech CEO and raised $32M from Insight Partners to help creators

Scott Zoldi, FICO Chief Analytics Officer and PhD in Theoretical Physics, shares how to use AI responsibly. FICO uses consumer

Bindu Reddy, CEO and co-founder of Abacus AI, was a product exec at Google and Amazon and an accomplished entrepreneur

Charity Majors, CTO and co-founder at honeycomb, grew up in rural Idaho and dropped out of college. This is her

Kai Nunez, VP Research & Insights at Salesforce, didn't always know she wanted to pursue a career in AI because

René Morkos, CEO and Founder of ALICE Technologies, grew up wanting to build things. That passion led him to degrees

Gary Bolles, entrepreneur, venture advisor, and best-selling author, is a deep thinker who established roots in Silicon Valley in the

Derek Steer cut his teeth as a data analyst at Facebook and Yammer more than a decade ago. He co-founded

Jeff Meyerson, entrepreneur, musician, technologist, and author of the acclaimed "Move Fast: How Facebook Builds Software", discusses the stranglehold Big

Krishna Gade was an engineering leader at Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook before realizing AI is eating software… and responsible AI

Neelima Parasker started coding at a young age.  Inspired by her entrepreneur mother, she studied Computer Science and Mechanical Engineering

Rachel Chalmers aspired to be an English professor before being inspired by a technology journal to relocate from Ireland to

Dr. Cataltepe is an accomplished scientist and entrepreneur… with a social conscience. She has published more than 100 academic papers

Ken Gonzalez has spent the better part of 35 years as an IT practitioner, CIO advisor, and industry analyst. He

Dan O'Connell, former founder and CEO of TalkIQ which was acquired by Dialpad, discusses the future of cloud communications. Dan's

Dion Hinchcliffe has been reporting on and prognosticating about the future of work for more than 20 years. He speaks

John Whaley has been programming since age five. He has been a lecturer at Stanford in Computer Science, a founding

Filip Dousek is a successful entrepreneur having sold his last company to Workday. He's also the author of Flock Without

Jason Wojahn has been building companies and helping enterprises use technology for nearly 30 years. He learned a few things

Tiernan Ray is an accomplished journalist who has written extensively for publications like ZDNet, the New York Times, Barron’s, CNN

Bryan Talebi learned the value of education after fleeing Iran and living in a Turkish refugee camp. He worked for

Slater Victoroff is a machine learning expert and science fiction writer who is never shy when sharing opinions about AI

A first on the show this week… we meet a guest whose digital twin has its own YouTube channel. Dr.

Zi Wang, Timeless founder and CEO, learned a lot at Google in eight and a half years. Enough that he

Most of us won't learn as much in a career about DevOps as Banjot Chanana forgets in an afternoon. Having

It's tough being entrepreneurs in Belgium and Italy. Our appetite for risk and access to capital in the U.S. is

Kordel France taught himself to code to automate his Calculus homework. He was inspired by seeing robot tractors on the

Two firsts this week on the podcast: first time we’ve had a two-guest interview and first time we’ve had guests

This week's guest has been called “America’s Best Leader” by U.S. News and “The Entrepreneur Whisperer” by ABC, Fox, and

Denis Jacquet is concerned that automation is causing traditional jobs to mutate… and governments around the world are mismanaging the

Joe Rehmann went from investment banking to fish farming. His passion for solving the protein problem in Eastern Africa led

Philippe Cases has been an entrepreneur and investor in Silicon Valley for more than 25 years. Most recently, he founded

Tim Crawford, accomplished CIO, CIO advisor, and influencer, distinguishes transformational CIOs from the rest. For more than 20 years, he

Rory O’Driscoll, member of the Forbes Venture Capital Midas List, has been investing in startups since founding Scale Venture Partners

This week, Wendy Pfeiffer, Nutanix CIO and former CIO at GoPro, shares her journey to becoming a public company exec

Rak Garg recently shifted from Product Management at companies like Atlassian and Redfin to investing at OpenView Venture Partners, the

Glenn Solomon has discovered and invested in many iconic companies like Slack, Zendesk, and Square. In this episode, he shares

Elaine Zelby is an investor at SignalFire, a blogger, podcaster, and former Product Marketer at Capriza and Slack. She shares

The future of cities, work, and transit all rely on technological advances in the field of autonomous vehicles. On this

Ashu Garg is a General Partner at Foundation Capital, one of the most iconic venture firms in Silicon Valley. Ashu

Great episode to kick off 2021. Dr. Haixun Wang has been at the forefront of introducing AI-based innovation to the

Darius Goldman, CEO and Founder of Meratas, discusses the future of education and how income share agreements (ISAs) are making

On this week’s podcast, Michael Shepherd, Dell Technologies Distinguished Engineer focused on AI, describes the present and future of intelligent

In this special episode with Dr. Helen Gu, author or co-author of 80+ academic papers on distributed computing and AI

Chris Curtin has been on a journey over the past twenty plus years to modernize iconic brands like Disney, HP,

This week, we had a fascinating discussion that unveiled the dirty secret of AI and machine learning: algorithm performance is

This week’s special episode of AI and the Future of Work features execs discussing how they use AI to reduce

On this week’s episode of AI and the Future of Work, Colin Fletcher shares insights including…  What he meant by

Welcome to this week’s “best of” episode of AI and the Future Work. Today, we’re opening the vault and re-introducing

Patty Hatter, former CIO, COO, and current SVP Customer Services at Palo Alto Networks, shares advice for women about how

This week’s discussion is about the pandemic, AI, and mental health. Deryk Van Brunt is a serial entrepreneur, trained epidemiologist,

New format this week: a special panel discussion with Justin Fitzhugh from Snowflake, Liz Holland from Dell, and Luca Blanzuoli

This week’s guest deserves credit for helping transform Intuit into an iconic technology brand with a reputation for great company

Special guest Gareth Rushgrove, editor of the popular DevOps Weekly newsletter (since its inception ten years ago!) and former product

Ever wonder what “knocker-uppers” did in Britain when alarm clocks were invented? Curious what scribes did after the printing press?

Greg Poirier understands what it’s like to carry the pager. He started as a systems engineer and has since spent