Azure Integration

InsightFinder can authenticate users under a group of Azure AD. Below documentation is a walk through of how to configure Azure AD in InsightFinder.


  1. Setup Azure AD Account
    1. Go to Azure portal
    2. Select Azure Active Directory from left left side menu:
      (See Figure 1)
    3. Add a new registration under app registrations
      (See Figure 2)
    4. Collect Application (client) ID, Directory (tenant) ID, Client credentials value
    5. Setup Redirect URI –
      (See Figure 3)
    6. Setup API permission for user and group
      1. User.Read
      2. User.Read.All
      3. User.ReadBasic.All
        (See Figure 4)
    7. Back to default directory select groups, check and collect the group id you will use in InsightFinder
      (See Figure 5)
  2. Login in InsightFinder with admin. Go to “Settings”->“Global System Settings”. Click on “Azure AD”.
  3. Add new, input Global External Service Provider Name (user input), Client ID (Application (client) ID), Client Secret (Client credentials value), Tenant ( Directory (tenant) ID), then click Verify
    (See Figure 6)
  4. Setup Azure AD and InsightFinder Systems, Group Name (your Azure group ID), role name(the role you plan to authenticate your Azure user to use in InsightFinder), System (the system you plan to share to your Azure user to use in InsightFinder)
    (See Figure 7)
  5. Go to InsightFinder, select IDP Type Azure AD, Input User name (Member principal name under the group you input in Azure AD setting above), Password (Not necessary, because you have to get access from your Azure account)
    (See Figure 8)
  6. Click login, will login into InsightFinder System.


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