Observe your entire IT system health in real-time with one central view across all services, applications, and infrastructure. Catch production issues caused by new releases before your customers are affected. See how it works →

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One Pane of Glass

Integrations with commonly used monitoring infrastructure and database tools, allows for unification of fragmented data analysis; unified view pulls together information from “siloed” monitoring applications.

Causal graphs that provide user with view of relationships between anomalies allows rapid troubleshooting focus, by bringing the user directly to the most probable causes for an incident/failure.

Adaptive learning, unsupervised nature of the AI, allows the system to become increasingly accurate over time without the need to label any data.

Health Score

A system health score that is calculated based on information from different data types and data sources. Simple to understand KPIs that give you historic and predicted health metrics of each system.

Ability to drill-down to review details about what is contributing to the health score on a per system basis.

Provide simple yet meaningful alerts based purely on the health of your system.

Discover Unknown Dependencies

Automatically identify relationships across all components and dependencies from your business service to your infrastructure in real-time.

Multivariate ML that can identify relationships across numerous streams of data and automated project grouping in causal analysis.

Removes team’s predisposed notions about the system.

Key Results

Alerts a day reduced
Reduced MTTR
Tasks automated

“InsightFinder’s unified health view buffers my team from alert fatigue. It provides us with one central location to start analysis and troubleshooting of system issues.”

IT Director
Global Telecom Provider