Project Configration

  1. Please install the SNMP. The InsightFinder SNMP agent won’t be working if the device being collected data from doesn’t have the SNMP running and configured properly.

    To check if the SNMP service is running on a Linux machine

    • sudo systemctl start snmpd
    • sudo systemctl status snmpd

    If there’s no installation yet, run the following:

    • sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade
    • sudo apt install snmp snmpd

    The SNMP configuration should be in /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf. Please collect the community string information which is needed to receive trap information for the InsightFinder SNMP collector.

Project Creation

  1. Get the SNMP agent for InsightFinder from All bold fields are required:
    In the snmp_discovery.scan section of the configuration file
    • ip-range: The IP net range to scan, use CIDR notation. To set multiple ranges, use single whitespace to separate them. For example:
    • community: The community string to use for SNMPv1 and SNMPv2c requests.
    • port: The port to use for SNMP requests. Default is 161.
    • mib: The MIB file to use for SNMP requests. Default is empty.

    Note that the community string should be identical to the one set in the previous device’s SNMP configuration in /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf

    For the InsightFinder section of the configuration file,

    • user_name: User name in InsightFinder.
    • license_key: License Key from your Account Profile in the InsightFinder UI.
    • project_name: Name of the project created in the InsightFinder UI. If this project does not exist, the agent will create it automatically.
    • system_name: Name of the system that contains the project. If this system does not exist in InsightFinder, the agent will create a new system automatically from this field or the project_name field.
    • project_name_prefix: Prefix of the project name. This combines with the component in the metadata to build the project name.
    • project_type: Type of the project – should be one of the following: metric, metricreplay, log, logreplay, alert, alertreplay, incident, incidentreplay, deployment, deploymentreplay, trace, tracereplay .
    • sampling_interval: How frequently (in Minutes) data is collected. Should match the interval used in project settings.
    • run_interval: How frequently (in Minutes) the agent should run. Should match the interval used in the cronjob.

The metric overall line chart page in InsightFinder from SNMP demo project:
(See Figure 1)


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