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  • Live monitoring various system elements (e.g., Kubernetes Cluster, Hosts, Virtual Machines, Docker containers, Process/Threads) via Insight Agents/AWS CloudWatch/Google Cloud Monitoring API. Get started in minutes: no configuration is required.

  • Multivariate anomaly detection and diagnosis. Metric display dashboard with highlighted anomalies

  • Alerts through emails/ PagerDuty/ ServiceNow/etc.

  • Pinpoint culprit components and faulty metrics

  • Generate causal graphs connecting individual anomaly events

  • Automatically record anomaly data 24×7

  • Interactive anomaly replay and analytics

  • Incident data sharing among groups

  • Running statistics (uptime, min, max, avg, std, anomaly relevance score) about all metrics581

  • Daily anomaly frequency history

  • Summary (start time, duration, culprit metrics/instances) about each incident occurred in the past reporting period


Slow Disk

Load Imbalance

Memory Leak

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