InsightFinder is the industry’s first system of intelligence for IT operations that predicts incidents hours before they occur. The company’s patented anomaly detection algorithms use unsupervised machine learning to automatically identify, diagnose, and remediate issues from logs, metrics, and traces.

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DevOps Engineer

Position Summary

The DevOps Engineer is primarily responsible for maintaining our SaaS service, installing and configuring our products for customers, and assisting customers with technical issues. Our core products are installed as distributed systems across many nodes. DevOps Engineers work closely with Software Engineers, Quality Assurance Engineers, and customers to ensure all aspects of InsightFinder are resilient, scalable, and perform well. The right candidate will be enthusiastic about introducing innovative new features to customers.


  • BS in CS or equivalent
  • At least two years in a related DevOps role
  • Exceptional oral and written communication skills
  • Demonstrated success applying the following patterns, technologies, and concepts:
    • Automation (platform setup, build, deploy, etc)
    • Linux administration – CentOS/Red Hat, etc.
    • Bash scripting
    • Ansible
    • Python
  • Familiarity with all or a subset of the following:
    • Containerization and container orchestration
    • Kafka
    • Splunk
    • Hadoop
    • Cassandra
    • Redis
    • RabbitMQ
    • Assorted logging and metric collection tools (collectd, logstash, etc.)
  • Passion for speed and optimization within the development process
  • Experience with Git (GitHub, Bitbucket)
  • Experience with Jira or similar

Job Responsibilities

  • Design, build, and maintain high performance, reusable, and reliable installation and maintenance scripts and processes
  • Provide installation and setup support to customers
  • Work closely with customers to troubleshoot and resolve support issues
  • Work closely with Quality Assurance Engineers to ensure the best possible performance, quality, and responsiveness of the products
  • Provide on-call support (as needed)
  • Work with Software Engineers to identify the root cause of issues and resolve them quickly
  • Stay up-to-date with changes to modern technologies and industry trends
  • Participate in a variety of planning and development activities
  • Actively work to increase technical skill level

Additional Information

Location: remote or Raleigh, NC

Reports to: CTO

InsightFinder provides innovative machine learning technology to unlock the value in IT operational data, from performance metrics to log files, finding root causes for deviations from normal behaviors and recurring patterns, as well as predicting future events and outages to reduce unnecessary human intervention. InsightFinder’s core technologies and patented solutions are available via online subscription or on-premise deployment.

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