We often discuss the technology that is automating the future of work. We perhaps don’t spend enough time talking about the human element – what it’s like being an employee whose career may be at risk or whose employer may not share her values. The future of work is about employers embracing the humanness of every employee and creating safe places. 

Mark McCrindle is a best-selling author, futurist, demographer, and popular TEDx speaker who is regarded as one of Australia’s foremost social researchers. He works with senior leaders to help them devise strategies for making their products and services future-proof. He’s also the host of The Future Report, a podcast featuring the themes of his social research.

Listen and learn…

  1. How work culture directly impacts employee productivity
  2. How to measure the quality of employee experiences
  3. How the mining industry attracts and retains workers… and how AI may replace traditional roles
  4. Should humans feel threatened by AI?
  5. Mark's advice to young leaders
  6. Why Mark says "we're made for work"… but that doesn't necessarily require an exchange of time for money
  7. How human relationships with machines will always be different than human relationships with each other
  8. Why the culture in Sydney is uniquely favorable for entrepreneurs

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