AI is here to accelerate the world's creativity. In fact, it's one of the things generative AI does best. Imagine a world where personalized campaigns help products you love find you. Today's guest did just that and he created Evolv AI to help brands connect with customers across all digital channels. 

Tyler Foster is the CTO of Evolv AI, a platform that helps brands improve conversion and experiment faster. He started the company with CEO Michael Scharff in 2019 and together they've grown it into an early leader in AI-first digital experimentation having helped brands like Safelite, DirectTV, and Verizon. Prior to Evolv AI, Tyler was the founding CEO and Chief Architect of Senient Systems and an early Software Engineer at Cloudera.

Listen and learn…

  1. How a farmhand and SCUBA diver became an AI developer
  2. How AI is helping brands target consumers
  3. The tradeoff between personalization and data collection
  4. How to eliminate bias in automated decisions
  5. Will AI eliminate creative jobs?
  6. How society needs to adapt to new definitions of work imposed by AI
  7. Why we need to disconnect ideas from tools and processes
  8. What does it mean that we're entering a "post-truth" era?
  9. Why AI is more fair than humans

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