Trent Fitz is the Chief Product Officer at Zenoss after having spent two decades in product and marketing leadership roles at companies like Trustwave and SailPoint.

Trent owns product strategy and marketing at one of the pioneers in the space. Zenoss was founded in 2005 and has continued to reinvent itself. With the advent of generative AI, it’s more relevant than ever.

We’ve explored the topics of service assurance and monitoring in the past with great guests like Colin Fletcher who coined the term AIOps while at Gartner and Gareth Rushgrove from Snyk who publishes the popular DevOps Weekly newsletter.

The field of monitoring is evolving rapidly as new architecture patterns emerge and the data exhaust they generate continues to increase. 

Listen and learn…

  1. Trent's history lesson in system monitoring
  2. The role of AI in monitoring and operations
  3. Trent's perspective on the evolution of monitoring tool sprawl
  4. What is AIOps vs. observability, monitoring, or event management
  5. How service-centric monitoring is essential for dynamic apps based on microservices
  6. The difference between generation one and two AIOps
  7. Where are manual rules insufficient and real AI is needed to monitor apps
  8. How LLMs are being used to improve observability
  9. Why Big Cloud won't own monitoring of cloud-native apps
  10. Will there be a time when AI will replace DevOps engineers?

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