Steve Truitt is an award-winning science fiction author, actor, producer, and musician. He received the prestigious Golden Eagle Award for his documentary series on Discovery. Steve's a space enthusiast and NASA history buff. He holds the unique record of having met five moonwalkers. Beyond his creative endeavors, Steve is also a coach and motivational speaker, recognized for his impactful work with the Best Motivational Book of the Year award for "Stop Waiting for Permission". Steve brings a wealth of experience and insight to discussions on AI and the future of work.

In this conversation, we discuss 

  • How Steve got started in media and entertainment before branching out to other industries
  • Industries being most impacted by AI
  • The tricky ethics of AI and how to harness it as a tool that does more good than harm
  • Why humanity is so fickle and prone to conflict 
  • How leaders can stop the spread of misinformation with AI and what prevents them from doing so 
  • Much more


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