Vijay Tella is an enterprise software legend having founded unicorn and Cloud100 company Workato nearly a decade ago after an amazing run as the founding SVP of Engineering at TIBCO and CEO of Qik which was acquired by Skype.

Vijay is a visionary leader who has raised more than $400M and built a team of nearly 1,000 employees. Workato is a leader in the fast-growing enterprise automation space and the company's customer list reads like the Wall Street Journal including organizations like Adobe, Atlassian, Coca-Cola, and Walmart to name a few.

Vijay's latest achievement is his book The New Automation Mindset – launching today on this podcast – in which he and his co-authors put the current generative AI euphoria into historical context and provide timely insights and case studies. 

Thanks to great former guest Carter Busse, Workato CIO, for the intro to Vijay.

Listen and learn…

  1. How Vijay got his start as a "digital plumber" at TIBCO and Oracle
  2. What Vijay learned about enterprise software delivering a consumer app at Qik
  3. How modern tools democratize access to automating work
  4. Vijay's advice to leaders about what to automate first
  5. Why "replacing people with AI is the wrong approach"
  6. How Workato is incorporating generative AI into its product
  7. How AI is required to get the full benefit of automation
  8. What jobs will replace those eliminated by automation

References in this episode…