Special episode this week! We recorded two live discussions from Turing's BOUNDARYLESS "Future of Work" event in San Francisco. In the first, Rani Mavram, Complete.so CEO, discusses using data to transform compensation policies from being a liability to an asset for high-growth companies. In the second, Ankit Jain, Aviator CEO, discusses using automation to improve developer productivity for remote-first engineering teams.

Listen and learn…
From Rani Mavram:

  1. Why compensation policies have an outsize impact on employee engagement
  2. What's required to make compensation plans transparent
  3. The difference between compensation plans and "total reward" packages
  4. Where innovation is happening in the field of employee compensation

From Ankit Jain:

  1. How to make remote-first engineering teams successful
  2. Using automation to improve developer productivity
  3. How startups can replicate the developer experience at Google and Facebook
  4. The future of generative AI and GitHub Copilot in assisting human developers

References in today's show: