This week’s discussion is about the pandemic, AI, and mental health.

Deryk Van Brunt is a serial entrepreneur, trained epidemiologist, and Professor at the U.C. Berkeley School of Public Health.

CredibleMind uses AI to improve access to mental health resources. What once was relegated to the shadows of healthcare is now mainstream. Anxiety and stress have spiked due to social isolation and the increased burden of elder and childcare. 

Like all fields being disrupted by AI, the fear of biased training data is real. Who owns your mental health data? Who is responsible for monitoring the performance of AI algorithms? 

Deryk introduces us to the future of holistic medicine. 

Listen and learn… 

  1. The current state of mental health. Did you know over half of the U.S. population has a diagnosable mental health condition over the course of a lifetime?
  2. How the pandemic has exacerbated the mental health problem.
  3. How to mitigate the impact of biased training data.
  4. How virtual healthcare providers like Woebot are giving new meaning to the term “the therapist can see you now”.

Here’s a link to the CDC article referenced in the show. Deryk can be reached at Deryk @ CredibleMind dot com or via the CredibleMind website.