Shawn Merani, entrepreneur and venture investor, has started two venture funds and been an operator at early stage companies including Liquidnet and ReachLocal. Shawn has invested in some amazing companies including Clubhouse, Dollar Shave Club, and Stance. He shares his definition of "hustle" and the challenges of raising money for a venture fund vs. raising money for a company.

Listen and learn…

  1. How to raise your first venture fund.
  2. Why the goal of Parade Ventures is "to be the first call great founders make when raising money."
  3. Shawn's secret to getting access to over-subscribed deals with high-profile investors.
  4. Why Shawn makes it a priority to meet every one of Parade's founders every other week.
  5. The biggest mistake founders make when pitching investors.
  6. What one entrepreneur did to convince Shawn to invest in a first meeting.

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