Roy Atkinson is a renowned thought leader in IT service management and customer service. A prolific writer, speaker, analyst, and podcaster, Roy's expertise has been featured in major tech publications. CIO Insight described him as a model for the future digital leader, and Nextiva named him one of the top 50 customer service experts of the decade. From 2010 to 2020, Roy's extensive career included roles as an IT executive at the Jackson Laboratory, an analyst at Informatech, and CEO and principal advisor at Clifton Butterfield. Roy is also a polymath, with a broad range of knowledge across various subjects.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Roy’s Multifaceted Journey: Discover how Roy's diverse background as a polymath, polyglot, and musician influenced his career in customer service and IT.
  • Language Learning and Cultural Insights: Gain insights into Roy's extensive language studies, including Spanish, French, Latin, German, Italian, and Serbian, and how this passion has enriched his personal and professional life.
  • Customer Service Roots: Understand how early work experiences, from delivering newspapers to working in a busy supermarket and a bank, shaped Roy's interest and expertise in customer service and customer experience.
  • Music Industry Adventures: Hear fascinating stories about Roy's 20-year career as a professional musician, his achievements, and notable collaborations with renowned artists like John Mayall, Todd Rundgren, and Don McLean.
  • Transition to IT and Technology: Learn about Roy's transition from music to IT, his role in managing IT systems, and his involvement with HDI, highlighting the parallels between the evolution of digital technology in music and business.
  • Evolution of Employee Experience: Explore the changes in the employee experience over the past two decades, including the shift from a technology-centric approach to a focus on user experience, the impact of consumerization, and the rise of AI in IT management.


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