No field is being upended as much as the legal profession. We’re all confused about how content generated by AI will be protected under the law and many lawyers are also asking how relevant they’ll be in a world where large language models can pass the bar and do legal research.

Robert Plotkin is a luminary in the software patent space having been in the field for 25 years and having been involved in important IP cases related to everything from AI to quantum computing to autonomous vehicles and speech recognition.

Robert also published the book Genie in the Machine back in 2009 which amazingly foreshadowed the legal implications of AI on IP. Robert has lectured at the Boston University School of Law and received his undergrad in Computer Science and Engineering from MIT.

Listen and learn…

  1. How we should regulate LLMs… from an expert
  2. What entrepreneurs most often don't understand about IP law
  3. Who has the rights to the inputs to LLMs?
  4. Can work derived from LLMs be patented?
  5. Is AI-generated work subject to copyright laws?
  6. What surprised Bill Gates when he saw GPT-4
  7. Is there an AI winter up ahead?

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